I really like my Tailgater. We are full timers so get a lot of chances to use it. It is a great product and thanks for inventing it.



Andrew Green -  05/03/2017

Thank you for the email, very nice to have a company check up on their product like this. The straps are doing fantastic!!!!! I actually have used the straps for propane tanks and for a gas can while doing off roading here on the blue ridge parkway in North Carolina. They hold everything in perfectly while jostling around with all the bumps and hills. Versatile strap!
Karin - 07/2018 I wanted to get back to you to tell you how it went for me trying out and using your Tailgater strap.  Well, it went GREAT!!! 


Posted by Tom K on 09-22-2018
Built well using quality materials and parts. I will buy an additional strap
Posted by PennyPA on 07-29-2015
If you have a fiver tailgate (lower in the middle section), place your tank at the middle section to use this. If you place it in a corner, the one strap tends to slide down. We bought one when we first saw it advertised and it has held our tank tight and secure while empty and full and while we're traveling twisting bumpy backroads. I will never take my tank to be refilled without this securing it in place!
Posted by Agee Reed on 02-21-2014
I purchased one after looking at the video. I use it when I need to refill my 30 lbs tanks. It is well designed and easy to use. It keeps it in place and I don't have to worry about transporting my tanks to get them refilled. I love the product and every RV'er should not be without it.
Posted by Michael E. Rockwall, TX on 09-04-2013
No more than 2 weeks ago I was taking my 30 lb tank to be filled. It was in Tank Foot on bottom and bungie cord on top to secure it...sure enough had to make emergency stop and it fell over...even with Tank Foot on bottom! What a great idea! I'll pass this along to my fellow camping group members. We've all had similar issues trying to transport propane tanks!
Posted by Janet and Gordon on 08-28-2013
I was forced to make an emergency stop the first time I used it and it held the tank tight as it is supposed to do
Posted by John and Carol on 08-28-2013
We are full-timers and have spent the summer volunteering at a state park located at 10,000 foot elevation. Needless to say, we have to fill our propane tanks on a regular basis. We use the Tailgater tiedown strap to transport our tank to the propane dealer. The strap is easy to use, it securely holds the propane tank in place, and it stores conveniently.
Posted by Casey H on 08-28-2013
I gave the strap to my son in Las Vegas,he loves it,he says so simple why didn't I think of that.
Posted by Kristen Felder on 11-07-2010
I LOVE this product just got mine and can't wait to get more for Christmas gifts.
If your a camper or a grill master this is a great and safe way to transport your tanks.
Posted by Wade. St.Louis on 05-14-2010
I bought 1. used it liked it bought another one for my daughter. Wish I would of thought of it.
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