TailGater 2, is the simple, safe and easy way to transport your 20lb, 30lb and 40lb propane tanks safely.

  • No bolts, connectors or drilling required!
  • Easily removed after each use, rolled up and stored! 


Tailgater 2 is designed for ALL Truck Models and the newer 40lb propane tanks. The Tailgater 2 is now available...$19.95 plus S&H. BUY NOW!



Ever wondered what would happen if you had to suddenly brake very hard to avoid a collision while transporting your propane tank in your pickup?

Simply tieing the tank down with a bungee, or in some sort of base will NOT prevent the tank from flying through your back window, or worse, exploding.

So give yourself peace of mind by knowing that tank behind you is SECURE.

Built with 1200lb breaking strain webbing!

Designed by a full-time RV'er to solve the problem of transporting your 20lb, 30lb or 40lb tanks, whether just down the road to the propane fill station, or on the road.

No more bungees, milkcrates, ropes or wires!

No bolts or drilling!