My wife Maria and I have spent most of our 25 married years on the road, working as professional Skydiving Instructors. I have been to 49 states and worked at Drop Zones in 18 of them. Our mode of transport changed over the years, from a slide-in camper in the back of my Ford F250, then graduating to a 5th wheel trailer back in '97. And, except for a 4 year break after retiring from professional skydiving (I still jump), when we actually bought a house at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri in an attempt at settling down, I have been on the road now for over 30 years.
Traveling is my true passion, as well as skydiving, scuba, canyoneering, mountain biking and hiking. Of course the occasional game of golf is also enjoyed. Fortunately my wife also shares these interests. So after selling our house in Missouri in October 2008, (before the bust) we bought another 34ft 5th wheel and hit the road to Zion National Park where we found jobs with a Zion Outdoor Company. 
As we got back into the trailer lifestyle again, I finally decided to do something about the propane tank transportation problem. It had always bugged me to use a bungee cord, especially after it came loose once and smashed into the 5th wheel hitch! So Maria and I very quickly came up with the "Tailgater" design. And as Maria is an FAA designated Rigger, she knows how to sew webbing. Lo and behold, the "Tailgater" was born. I used the strap myself at every propane refill and had many RV'ers ask about buying one. So I decided to patent it (did it all myself, could not afford a lawyer!),found a manufacturer,and put it on the market.
Unfortunately, in February of 2014, while backpacking in Belize heading for Guatemala, I was struck down with Stage 4 bile duct cancer. An intense course of radiation and 8 months of chemo left me close to the edge. But on 8th January 2015 I had a liver transplant at the Florida Mayo Clinic. As life would have it, my wife Maria was diagnosed with early Stage 1 breast cancer in November 2014! Fortunately, caught early, the tumor was removed and, after radiation, she is now also cancer free.

So the Tailgater production came to a grinding halt and we are only now (May 2016) picking up where we left off.My original manufacturer no longer exists in China, so have found a new one...  

I hope y'all will find it as easy and safe to use as I do. The updated model to fit 40lb and thicker tailgates, the Tailgater 2, is now available! Thanks for your patience.